myBurgerLab @ Seapark, PJ


So, on a Thursday evening we decided to get some burgers for dinner at myBurgerLab Seapark. When we got there at about 7.30pm, the queue was only starting to build up and we managed to make our orders in about 20 minutes. The downstairs seating area was rather small and a large group was being quite loud so it was hard to hear one another. However, the spacing between tables was adequate and didn’t feel cramped at all.

Can you believe that myBurgerLab has been operating since 2012 and I have never set foot in the Seapark (OG) outlet before? Then again, although I have burger cravings, I don’t particularly go for MBL. Don’t get me wrong, I love MBL but a lot of times it’s not entirely accessible or I’m just too impatient to queue.

So anyway, I ordered the Bait and Switch and my partner went for the Venusaur. I’ve never ordered a chicken burger at MBL and my usuals are either the Beautiful Mess or the Hangover. But after seeing all the pictures on Instagram of the GORGEOUS fried chicken thigh, I couldn’t resist.

Bait and Switch

And boy were my expectations surpassed. The Bait and Switch (RM19.50) comes with a marinated fried chicken thigh, topped with cilantro, onions and paired with a tangy, slightly spicy budu mayo. and the description on the website said “Probably the tastiest chicken burger you’ll ever taste. Maybe.” and I might have to agree… if I didn’t have a bite of the Venusaur. Still, the budu mayo and the other condiments really brought a tangy savouriness on the tongue. I loved it. (9/10)

The Venusaur (RM29.00), picture at top, is actually an upgrade of the Ivysaur (fried chicken thigh, green salsa, seaweed mayo, omega-3 egg, and cheddar cheese) on the main menu with an additional whole fried portobello shroom. This was the BOMB, but might be somewhat cloying. I only had one bite so I enjoyed that one bite to the max. (9.5/10)

But in all honesty, what I really love about MBL is that bombass RED SAUCE. I swear I wanted to order a basket of fries just to eat the sauce with. Just. For. The. Sauce. I can’t get enough of it. (10/10 perfection, and will attempt to recreate)

So yeah, catching up with a friend over dinner proved to be pretty good. Good food, great company, and a busy but welcoming atmosphere are hallmarks of an enjoyable time.

Food: 10/10
Price: 7/10
Ambience: 8/10
Service: 9/10

myBurgerLab (Seapark)
14, Jalan 21/22, Sea Park,

46300 Petaling Jaya, Selangor
5.00 PM – 10.15 PM (Mon-Fri)
11.00 AM – 4.00PM; 5.00 PM – 10.15 PM (Sat-Sun)
+6010 369 5275


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